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When the former governor of Enugu state, His Excellency, Bar Sullivan Chime handed over the baton of leadership to the current governor, thus seeing to a completed circle of the rotation agreement, we thought that within the first four years, the totality of Enugu north senatorial zone and the state at large will be wearing a new look.

Enugu state is one of the few states in the country with little or no political tussle. A state running ‘smoothly’ as a result of the dearth of active and vibrant opposition activities.
This is a state tipped to be at par with the likes of Lagos state in terms of both human and infrastructure development.

But rather than capitalize on the magnanimity of the the opposition, the state handlers have only succeeded in taking the state some steps backward. The state has derailed from the good tracks of the predecessors that precipitated the development recorded in the state.

Just recently, statistics from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics revealed that the state’s domestic debt, as at June 2019 stood at #51B.
Though having inherited a debt of #35B from the combined government of Chime and Chimaroke administration which spanned sixteen years, it’s quite incredible to learn that the current handlers of the affairs of the state , in it’s first four years, have catapulted the domestic debt of the state without anything tangible to show for an over 300% increase.

Yes, States obtaining loans isn’t bad after all, but what projects(capital) were completed with the loans. Lagos state borrows heavily but they also develop ‘heavily’.
The development in Lagos justifies the huge debt profile of the state.

The state’s fortunes have continued to dwindle unabated. No respite in sight going by the countenance of the state leaders.
Insecurity has suddenly become a norm in the state. There’s currently an upsurge in crime and criminality. Kidnappers, herdsmen, bandits, armed robbers, rapists, ritual killers, name them, are all having a field day in the state.

The government seems to be overwhelmed. Just few days ago, the first of it’s kind, ordained Catholic priests left the pulpit and stormed the streets to protest the killings currently rocking the state. No one is safe. Even domestic animals are not safe anymore.

Kidnapping has become more or less a daily occurrence. Gun shots are no longer feared as it has become a day-to-day activities. People are shot and killed here and there.
The uninviting atmosphere in the state has made it impossible for foreign investors to invest in the state.

The few ones in ground are already packing their loads to neighbouring states, citing harsh economic policies and the upsurge in crime.

Our deplorable roads have become ‘unmotorable’. An ideal one hour journey from Obollo Afor to 9th Mile now takes up to five hours, that’s if you weren’t waylaid on the road by bandits, kidnappers, herdsmen and other day devil criminal elements.

Despite the anomalies in the state, the government is being painted to be the second thing to happen after the birth of Jesus Christ.
The state government riddled the cyberspace with an army of online warriors.

You will be verbally shot at, just for daring to seek clarification on the activities of the state.
This is a government that invest more on propaganda and image laundering. A government of deceits who’s out to hoodwink and bamboozle the people.

The state is currently in an autopilot. No commissioners, no special advisers, in fact, no kitchen cabinet. We have returned to the era of a ‘sole administrator’.
Everyone is to fasten his or her seatbelt for ‘crash landing’ is imminent.

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