Police Arrests 2 Killers of Aso Rock’s Director

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The Nigerian police have made a headway in their investigation on the killing of Ms. Laetitia Naankang Dagan, an Assistant Director of Administration at the Presidential Villa.

Two arrests have been made.

According to sources, the arrests were made after her assassins forgot one of their phones in her apartment, after allegedly raping her and gruesomely murdering her.

“They left with Laetitia’s phones and forgot one of their own”, said an Aso Rock source, in the know of police investigation.

The Police used the abandoned phone to trace the suspects.

Ms. Laetitia was living as a spinster in an apartment in Lokogoma in Abuja.
According to sources, she had reported some bad guys dealing in drugs near her home to the police, leading to a police raid of the joint.

It was believed that a blackleg in the police may have told the drug boys that Laetitia snitched

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