Actress Fella Makafui collapses, returns to complete traditional wedding

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Actress Fella Makafui returned to complete her traditional wedding ceremony Saturday to her sweetheart Samuel Adu Frimpong,a.k.a Medikal.

She had fainted while dancing during the traditional wedding ceremony at the Odehye Gardens in East Legon.

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The beautiful ebony black actress caused some great concern among guests, and triggered speculations that she may be pregnant..

She was immediately rushed to hospital. And latest reports said she returned to complete the engagement ceremony.

“Fella Makafui has regained consciousness and back to her engagement party!”, wrote Jackie Black, an entertainment journalist.

Fella, 25 years old, is most popular for her role in the television drama series, You Only Live Once(Yolo).

She went into acting after her education at University of Ghana. She had previously been involved in modelling.

She has featured in a couple flicks such as Swings, Once upon a family, Kanda River and Chaskele. In once upon a family, she starred alongside Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson who played the lead role.

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