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By Henry Nnanna Okeke, Esq

The Covid-19 proactive safety measures of the Enugu State Government , the patriotism of Enugu health workers , compliance and enduring spirit of residents of Enugu State have no doubt flattened the curve of identified Covid-19 cases in Enugu State. The two cases of positivity have been discharged from the standardized Isolation Centre in Enugu State.

Despite the above good and heart warming update on the current status of Covid-19 in Enugu State , there is now need to sustain the zero case status of Enugu State as the Nation works hard to short live the pandemic. 

The commitment and passion of His Excellency Rt Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in containing the spread of the  dreaded coronavirus disease is second to none.  It is on record that the Governor of Enugu State did not hesitate to provide the needed funding and active attention for the war against Covid 19. His Excellency promptly took bold steps to motivate health workers with Life Insurance package and other incentives.

It is equally on record that Enugu State Government was commended by the National Centre for Disease Control, NCDCfor providing world class Standardized Isolation centres and equipments for taking proper care of  victims of Coronavirus Disease in the State. 

Upholding the proactive safety measures
The need for Safety and Standardization during and after the Coronavirus  Pandemic can not be over emphasized. It is in this respect that the  need to uphold the Enugu State Covid-19 proactive safety measures beckons. 

 *Markets Safety* : The fumigation exercise in some major markets in Enugu state should be sustained as part of Post Covid-19 initiative. This novel public hygiene activities can henceforth be conducted on quarterly basis in all major markets places.In addition, public toilets hygiene in our markets should be upgraded by Local Government authorities in partnership with market’s leaderships. This is also applicable to shopping malls facilities. 

 *School Safety* : The post Covid 19 lockdown initiative entails that our schools should be fumigated ahead of resumption of schools. In addition, it is imperative to enforce compliance with hands washing hygiene habits by providing needed accessories for each class room.  Our School Buses should also operate in line with the provisions of National Road Traffic Regulations to guarantee Safety of school children. 

*Worship Centers Safety:* It is a known fact that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Therefore, provisions of hand washing facilities and other public hygiene measures are necessary ways of upholding the Enugu State Government Covid-19  proactive safety measures. Leadership of various Worship Centers are expected to deepen public hygiene practices in their congregation when the lockdown protocol is called off.  

*Food and Drinks Safety:* Upholding the Enugu State Government Covid-19 proactive safety measures calls for due diligence in production of our food and drinks. The era of “eye service” is gone and food and drinks vendors must take responsibility to guarantee safety of consumers during and after pandemic. 

*Motor Park & Transport Safety* : The safety  standard of our Motor Parks has to be revisited by the process owners. It is disheartening to know that most of our Parks operate on zero safety measures. The State Ministry of Transport can engage NURTW and other stakeholders to chat a sustainable public safety  compact in our  Motor Parks – Post Covid-19 for motorists and passengers.

Indeed, Coronavirus Pandemic have opened another chapter for public health to be taken more serious by Government and citizens. This is a new world and new attitude is required. New thinking is required to safeguard ourselves from present and future pandemics.

Imperatively, to adequately uphold the Enugu State Government Covid-19 proactive safety measures , Legislations are required to drive home the initiatives. Therefore, Members of the Enugu State House of Assembly must rise to the occasion and think outside the box on how to make new Laws or rejig the existing Laws on Public Safety and Standardization in a Post Covid-19 Enugu State.

An Enugu State Directorate of Safety and Standardization is  recommended for effective handling of Public Safety matters in  Post Covid-19 Enugu State. 
As we optimistically hope and pray to see this pandemic jettisoned soon, we must take responsibility to remain Safe afterwards. 
Enugu State is in the hands of God.

Henry Nnanna Okeke, a Legal Practitioner, Safety Consultant writes from Enugu. 4/20/2020

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