ORONSAYE REPORT: About 102 useless parastals and depts could disappear

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By Ugo Egbujo

Buhari has approved he implementation of the Oronsaye report

Oronsaye committee was established in 2012.

It submitted its report early 2013.

Rather than adopt the report , the government that set it up set up a committee to review the report.


That committee released a white paper in early 2014.

The Oransye committee had recommended the abolition of federal character commission.

The Jonathan govt committee rejected the recommendation.

Oronsaye committee recommended the merger of the EFCC, ICPC and CCB, and for the elevation of the CCT to a full superior court to handle only corruption cases for the consolidated anti corruption agency.

The Jonathan government rejected the recommendation.

The committee recommend the scrapping of FRSC ; wanted it to revert to federal highways dept.

The Jonathan government committee rejected the recommendation.

The Oronsaye committee recommended the scrapping of Hajj and Christian pilgrims commissions. It wanted their roles played by a dept in the foreign affairs that wont do more than administer vaccines to intending pilgrims. It asked the government to stop sponsoring pilgrims.

Jonathan govt rejected those recommendations.

The report was 800 pages.

It report wanted NECO scrapped so that WAEC can run school certificate exams

Jonathan govt rejected that recommendation.

The report wanted the NTA, FRCN and VON to be merged.

The Jonathan govt committee rejected the recommendation.

Let me not bore you.

After rejecting many and accepting some the Jonathan govt didnt bother to implement their own white pair on the report even though they had almost 2 years to do that.

They passed it to Buhari.

Buhari lifted it last year and asked the federal executive council to look into it.

Today Buhari has approved the implementation of the report.

So we will wait to see what and what Buhari wants implemented.

Kudos to Buhari.

Nigeria will save billions and improve efficiency.

About 102 useless parastals and depts could disappear.

Sai Baba🙄

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