Wike Vs Odumeje: The madder you are, the better

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By Ugo Egbujo

The Odumejeje mentality is spreading.

A man becomes popular for being grotesque.

Finesse is weakness. Being crude is being real.

The more he becomes the caricature of what he ought to be, the more his fame grows.

Odumeje now teaches Phyno in church.

Once in a while he mentions Jesus. At other times he dances with his altar boys, throws cash like confetti and mints new idioms.

Whatever he does is good. Pleasing in the absence of clowns and circuses.

Wike warned a pregnant woman who was on her way for ante natal never to be seen outside during lockdown again.

And he did it with TV cameras watching him.

He has put himself in a different category, out of the bounds of civility.

That’s how to be a strongman.

So pharmacies are shut because “we are on lockdown”.

“Take them to the quarantine center!”

Soon he will have more quarantine center than functional hospitals .

If nothing happens, if he becomes the idol, others will copy.

Odemujeje is now a sensation.

Yahaya Bello is watching. And itching to go.

He now has a theory about how NCDC is creating unnecessary panic in the country.

The madder you are , the better.

The young professor of environmental something who calls himself an immunologist is in Cabalar thinking of the next outrage to whip up.

Last time , he told us that with masks we wont need social distancing.

He actually thinks we can harvest Coronavirus vaccine by the plasmapharesis of the blood of patients that have recovered from the infection.

But why wont he? He started with olympotic metistematic budget and we laughed with him like clowns.

But the race is between Odumejeje and Wike.

Odumeje is challenging pastors, witches and wizard, to wrestling matches.

Wike wants a fight with a certain minister or Buhari. Not minding that he lost in his backyard to Atiku a few months ago.

He has built a gate on a federal highway. He is today demolishing hotels.

Wike and Odumejeje.

They are the top contenders.

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