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Why Enugu’s Tripartite Typology must be sustained ~ 2023 and beyond Part One.

By: Awgu Envoy

Introduction .

Enugu West Senatorial Zone is made up of five Local Government Areas ; namely Awgu, Aninri, Oji River, Udi and Ezeagu. These series is an unbaised revelation of the Political Quagmire of Awgu People in the scheme of things in Enugu West Senatorial Zone. Awgu Envoy have embarked on detailed collection of verifiable facts to buttress how Awgu People have been systematically marginalized in Enugu West Senatorial Zone and indeed Enugu State. This episode also unveils the reasons why Ndi Awgu must calm down, come together and secure our turn under the Tripartite Zoning Formula invoke in Enugu State. It is pertinent to affirm that the rotational governorship arrangement among the three Senatorial Zones in Enugu State; namely Enugu East, Enugu West and Enugu North Senatorial Zones should not be butchered for selfish interests.

Dissecting the Political Quagmire Of Ndi Awgu in Enugu West.

Awgu Local Government Area is one of the oldest Local Government Areas in Nigeria. Awgu Local Government Area was the administrative headquarter of the old Awgu Division. Awgu Local Government Area also played major role in the Eastern Region and in recent times, Awgu was instrumental to the creation of additional Local Government Area in Enugu West which is Aninri LGA.

Despite the strategic roles Awgu Local Government Area have played in the political evolution of Enugu West and indeed Enugu State, Awgu today is frozend politically by many factors.

Unlike the other four Local Government Areas of Aninri , Oji River, Udi and Ezeagu, Awgu have nothing to boast about Politically and otherwise.

A careful study of Enugu West Senatorial Zone Political spreadsheet revealed as follows:

ANINRI > Senator ( 20 years) and a
Military Governor.

OJI RIVER > Senator , Minister, and a Military Governor.

UDI > Governors, Ministers.

Ezeagu > Senator, Deputy Governor.


How did AWGU nose dived into this Political worrisome Quagmire? The answer to this question took the Awgu Envoy into a voyage of discovery which established the following historical facts : (a) 2007 Nkanu Disappointment (b) Aninri Manipulation (c) Awgu Stakeholders Silence.

2007 Nkanu Disappointment is one major set back for AWGU Political advancement. It is a public knowledge that a certain Awgu Stakeholder in the Ebeano ( Enugu East) regime was favoured to emerge as Governor, however, the pendulum later swinged up to UDI at the end of that era. This means that AWGU will have to wait until zoning rotates to Enugu West again. The waiting is nearly over and Awgu Envoy is asking, will Nkanu Disappointe AWGU again?

Aninri Manipulation is another discovery of the Awgu Envoy. The manipulation is carried out by few Awgu Stakeholders and misguided youths who have mortgaged themselves in Aninri LGA. These stakeholders and youths are aware that Awgu is Awgu and Aninri is Aninri but as paid agents of manipulation, they support the continuous manipulation and disunification of Ndi Awgu. Awgu Envoy shall reveal the differences between quality projects attracted in Aninri vs the uncompleted federal projects in Awgu, federal job opportunities for Aninri vs Awgu and other necessary data to prove the Aninri Manipulation in our subsequent edition. Currently, the Aninri manipulation in Awgu is hiding under the toga of ” Greater Awgu ” as a cultural group. How so? Awgu Envoy is aware of the wide cultural differences between communities in Aninri and Awgu, the same is applicable to Oji River.

Another discovery is the deafening silence of Awgu major stakeholders in the face of Awgu Political marginalization in Enugu West Senatorial Zone. The time is right for AWGU Political stakeholders to say enough is enough. This is the time to rescue AWGU from decades of Political and economic decays. This is the time to speak as one big AWGU.

How Enugu Zoning Formula can favour Ndi Awgu.

Obviously, AWGU have a brighter future under the orderly and peaceful Tripartite Typology of Enugu East Zone > Enugu West Zone > Enugu North Zoning Formula. Under this mutual but deep rooted Political arrangement, Enugu East Senatorial Zone is equitably due to take over from Enugu North Senatorial Zone by 2023. Thereafter, Enugu West shall take turn again with Awgu as the beautiful bride. This is our Political tradition in Enugu State and AWGU LGA is fully in support of this triangular equilibrium. It is the view of Awgu Envoy that this orderly tradition should be strictly sustained by the present administration of Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi from Enugu North Senatorial Zone.

Awgu Envoy recognizes the fundamental human rights of every Nigeria citizen to vote and be voted for, however, such rights should be exercised on individual basis and not the ongoing magical creation of an artificial fourth Senatorial Zone by name Greater Awgu cultural Zone.

Awgu Envoy advises our people who have mortgaged themselves and their future in Aninri to do so as individuals and stop giving the impression that entire Ndi Awgu are involved in their selfish journey to disorganize Enugu State because of one man’s unholy ambition. It is therefore in the overall interest of AWGU people to wait and plan for our turn under the rotational governorship zoning arrangement. Those who feels time is not on their side should remember that life is not all about them and a cardinal Italian adage says ” No one stays at the top forever” .

Awgu Envoy!
Setting the right Agenda for Ndi Awgu.

Enugu State is in the hands of God.

©️Awgu Envoy
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