FAILED MARRIAGE: Fani-Kayode and Wife Precious Chikwendu Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

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Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode and wife, Precious Chikwendu have unfollowed each other on Instagram after the story of their alleged marriage crash rocked the internet.

The story was based on domestic violence.

According to the report, the former minister and his wife have parted ways for a month now.

They have also unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted every single post that has to do with each other on their Instagram pages.

It is also alleged that the former minister has left his ex-wife penniless as he has frozen her account and also retrieved every expensive thing he ever bought for her and also took custody of their children.

Precious moved out months ago but without her four sons as the former Minister has taken over the kids and put them under the care of a Nanny with strict instructions that Precious is not to come near the house they shared as a couple….In Fact she is forbidden to go near the house…

She also allegedly got beaten up many times when she was pregnant with her first son and the triplets…

She allegedly lived like a prisoner in the house and was not allowed to go out,if she must go out,she went without the boys as it was alleged she might run away with them…..He allegedly used to call his boys to beat her to stupor whenever she allegedly misbehaved.

Insiders say every time they post on the social media,”just know that they just settled a quarrel or someone got whooped and they settled”

The insider adds that ”the situation between both of them is serious and he has told her she would never see her kids again.

Their situation is even worse as Precious is allegedly demanding for DNA on her triplet sons because All four kids were allegedly conceived via IVF but she is not sure where the former Minister brought the sperm he dropped for the hospital to use on her to conceive the triplets…”

The former Minister also allegedly called Doctors who take care of mad people and alleged precious was a mad woman and they forcefully removed her pant and gave her injections and she was allegedly locked up for some months before she was released and she ran…..

It is alleged Precious recently tried to commit suicide over trauma….

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