Ifeanyi Ubah sponsoring attacks on billboards just to create tension and garner sympathy

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Let me state here that the emotional game of Mr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah won’t work for him in the coming Anambra Gubernatorial elections, we are already aware of his petty character and nuisance value and we will always resist him and equally halt his attempts of plying on anyone’s emotions.

My opinion are usually time tested and the hard truth, I have to lay it bare here that Anambra isn’t a place for rascals like Ifeanyi Ubah, he must be told in plan language that he can’t get away with most his clandestine scheming and playing the game of self victim to spite his perceived enemies which are unknown to us.

Three (3) million Ifeanyi Ubah can not muster the courage to challenge One (1) Willie Obiano, so his claims are out of place and a failed emotional hassle.

We have quality intelligence reports how Mr. Ifeanyi Ubah is recruiting Kogi and Tiv boys to create tension in the State ahead of the November polls, it’s not a news that Ubah is a dirty player with enormous nuisance value; A man who has always employed chaos, tension and rascality as his only valid means of winning elections should not be taken serious rather an eye, should be kept on him.

We know the trade mark of The Uruagu born local champion and must not allow him have the attention he seeks; it’s unfortunate that his aspiration recently encountered a snag when his biggest Benefactor and financial sponsor Chief Ibeto withdrew self from the jaundiced aspiration of Ubah to become Governor, the unfortunate Senator has been running from pillar to post hustling for the attention of anyone around, but has failed in all his attempts, reason he empowered his ragtag media to push the banal stories of Governor Willie Obiano sponsoring attacks on his Billboards. The clown went ahead to publish his payment receipts in the public fora just to prove himself, which is so unethical.

Why would HE, Governor Willie Obiano give out such order when he won’t be on the ballot in the coming November polls, it’s laughable how Ubah, a chronic debtor with so much criminal cases hanging over his neck which has prevented him from traveling to most counties of the world playing the victimhood game here just to garner public sympathy and draw epileptic apologists to his dead dream of becoming a State Governor.

Truth is, the coming tsunami would sleep him to political arthritis and leave him bedridden for the rest of his politcal life.

I have said it times and time and would continue to lay it bare, Mr. Ifeanyi Ubah can not be Governor in Anambra State, he doesn’t have the mental strength to manage responsibilities and do not reserve the character of a leader rather that of a motor pack tout; a man who should be counting his days before heading to kirikiri maximum prison for his litany of misgivings should not seek to evade justice with the seat of Anambra State Governor.

His Billboards are inconsequential and No one would in their right mind pull them down for the reason he stated, we have our intelligence reports that he mounts and destroys his own Billboard just to spark conversation and gain attention and shall in No distant time infiltrate the streets with his hired machineries from Kogi and Tiv to attack Billboards of other aspirants especially that of APGA; we are watching with keen interest and will respond to his madness at the appointed time.


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