Insecurity In Anambra State: Mr. Peter Obi Lacks The Moral Justification To Speak

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Obi should forever bury his head in shame when people of nobility speak and question about rising threats of insecurity in Anambra State, he lacks the moral justification and value to throw self around the discourse owing to the fact that he still remain the worst Governor when issues of insecurity in the State surface.

It’s so unfortunate that Obi and his goons have turned the unfortunate situation being witnessed around South East lately to a political chess game when he spoke through his Aide and peacock, Val Obienyem saying Anambra State is witnessing its worse security situation since creation; the claims are not only false but a deliberate attempt by Peter to play ill politics.

The current security situation in South East should worry everyone both the major and minor, but it’s unfortunate how Peter Obi is enjoying the attacks and making mockery of the men who lost their lives in service to fatherland, in the altar of politics, there ought to be a limit, but Obi careless of that fact.

Who Is Obi to claim that Anambra is witnessing worse security situation when under him, Businesses, activities et al were all on a halt during his eight (8) of unpopular Governance over insecurity in the State.

It was during his time armed Robbers would attack Banks and other large businesses in the State and go scott-free, we have not forgotten the ugly incident that took place in 2012 at NNPC Station where hundreds of ndị Anambra were murdered by armed criminals who had attacked the Station; nor the numerous attacks witnessed by Anambra families during his years as Governor of the State; many celebrated marriages in neighboring cities and even held burials and other activities outside the State as a result of Obi’s failure solve the security issues in the State he governs.

Today, Anambra has been adjudged the safest in Nigeria, life has returned in full scale to the State and booming, activities, and nightlife have all taken centre stage, ndị Anambra No longer abandon home unlike what it was during the Obi years at Agu Awka. Last yuletide celebrations, we watched as Billionaire Emeka Okonkwo (E- money) and his brother K-cee returned Uli in flamboyant style and the host of other ndị Anambra just to say the least; many Traditional Rulers celebrated their Ovala and lots of other celebrations held centre stage, whilst visitors trooped in the State and returned safe; it has never happened in the past, it was the Administration of Willie Obiano who made it possible.

It will be folly for a failed Governor in terms of security like Peter Obi to make bogus statements in his wicked and selfish attempts to berate Willie Obiano’s administration.

It’s unfortunate that the attacks appears to be a coordinated one and our security agents are the victims, we have to come together and address the situation before it gets out of place; this is happening at the back of the #EndSars protest which led to a breach of trust between the people and the security agents, we need to rebuild this trust again.

What we have witnessed recently must be tackled with tact and not noise, it’s a situation where intelligence needs to work and not political incorrectness, same has been taking place in Imo, Abia, Ebonyi and Enugu, we have not read or seen any former Governor who have come out in the open to berate their incumbent but in Anambra State, desperation is driving Peter to slum.

Same Obi who enjoyed the armed robbery activities in Anambra State when he was the Governor because it avails him ground to beg for more dollars from foreign donors to States suffering insecurity, Obi sacrificed Anambra on the altar of insecurity and instead of saving lives accepted dollars in return and allowed innocent people slaughtered and maimed.

I would advice Obi to focus on his moribund Statistics and leave the issues of security to people with ideas to arrest the present situation.

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