Peter Obi: A Failure Who Wishes To Ride On Willie Obiano Benevolence

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If there’s anyone who should be ashamed in this country right now, that person is Mr. Peter Obi, he has since reduced himself to Willie Obiano’s puppet and singing bird; Obi is troubled over the rising profile of Governor Willie Obiano in Nation’s polity, hence his resort to cheap blackmails, castigation, propaganda and deceit just to re-validate his fading popularity.

Times I often wonder if Obi remembers he is not the only former Governor of Anambra State and by performance, he stands No taller than any of the other Governor(s) before and after him, but he is one who makes the most noise.

The likes of Chris Ngige though has his own shortcomings, Dame Virgy Etiaba, performed creditable well during their short lived terms than the shameless Peter Obi who is today running from pillar to post just to market his rickety sainthood.

Since the last 7 years, the Willie Obiano’s administration has taken effective steps to reposition Anambra State and tackle the myriad of problems it inherited from Peter Obi, but the latter has refused to go bury his head in shame and swim alone in his pool of failure; amidst the intrigues and tensions across Nigeria presently, Obi only interest is cheap blackmail against the Willie Obiano who undoubtedly has surpassed every benchmark believed to have been laid by Peter.

It’s sad that in Nigeria, con men and criminals like Peter Obi are rewarded with attention whilst men who have labored to turn things around with less fuss are often disregarded; what can Peter lay hold to as legacy achievements in Anambra State aside the banal claims of saving an imaginary #75 Billion Naira in the bank.

Which legacy Project did he build in Anambra State, where are the big industries that survived beyond his unpopular administration, the worst case is that he killed every existing establishment before his blind administration and failed to sustain any, Obi claimed he reduced the cost of Governance, but we can not see where he reinvested same in the State, in terms of quality legacy projects.

Of Obi’s 8 years in office, he received No lesser than N3 trillion Naira, both in Federal Allocation, Internally Generated Revenue and foreign donations which are today crystallizing, a sum which Peter can not give detailed information how he spent aside the claims of leaving his accounting gimmick #75 Billion Naira in the bank and doing a few Kilometer of Roads which Governor Willie Obiano completed many.

In terms of Infrastructure, Poverty alleviation, welfarism and Security, Peter Obi is the worst thing that ever happened to Anambra State, yet he prides boastfully in such a low.

Take a good look around Anambra State of today and juxtapose with the yesteryears of Obi’s administration, he has absolutely nothing on ground, No legacy project anywhere in the State can be credited to Obi, but you will always read his peacock, Val Obienyem praise him to high heaven.

A man of Peter’s low should never speak where Governor’s who worked for Anambra State are talking, his eight years administration regardless of its boom was a failure; the 800 Kilometers of Roads he claimed to have constructed, 80% of them were awarded and paid for by the short lived administration of both Chris Ngige and Dame Virgy Etiaba; Ngozika and Udoka Estates, Ekwueme Square and many other projects were initiated by the porous administration of Dr. Mbadinuju and competed by Ngige and others.

Today in Anambra State, we have a well connected and accelerated State Capital in Awka, which was formerly a glorified Local Government and a poultry farm under Peter Obi.

Governor Willie Obiano did not just stop at transforming Awka to a real State Capital and a city in transition, he further complemented the turnaround with the Three (3) flyovers in the heart of Awka which has since torn Peter into pieces filled with bitterness and acrimony; Anambra City Airport is a dream which is fast becoming a reality under Willie Obiano and the shameless Peter who in his 8 years administration played politics with the said Airport project despite the so much money in his administration would still take off and land in the said Airport in No distant time; we also have the International Conference Center, Awka Township Stadium which will further make Awka a sought after City in all facets as the few legacy projects of Governor Willie Obiano.

Peter Obi should be ashamed that Governor Willie Obiano completed the Agulu Lake hotel in his hometown, rounded his community with good stretch of streetlights and a few other projects which are not limited to Roads and infrastructures alone, despite Obi serving as Governor.

It will be utter stupidity for Peter Obi to question the economic importance of a master class project like the International Conference Center in a State like Anambra, the same Obi who enjoys dishing out falsehood and stale Statistics in high cost summits organised in conference centres across Nigeria is here questioning the importance of Awka ICC Centre because its been built by Willie Obiano, this is to tell you the character of the man whom peacock Obienyem often label as saint.

I wouldn’t blame the said Obienyem much, he too has a dirty track record, was he not the same young man who was rusticated from the seminary when he was caught having carnal knowledge of a fellow young seminarian. (Gay)

Both can continue in their ego trip, but should be warned against seeking validation with the achievements of the present APGA administration and riding on the benevolence of Governor Willie Obiano to his imagined but unattainable height.

Willie Obiano having served for two terms as the Governor of Anambra State which is the limit permitted by the constitution of Nigeria 1999 as amended, will not be on the ballot for a 3rd term come November 6, Obi should save his worry and concentrate more on his dead dream of becoming Nigeria‚Äôs President which isn’t obtainable, Willie Obiano only interest now is who succeeds him in office and on the platform of APGA to continue the developmental template he has laid and not joining issues with a celebrated failure like Obi.

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