Why Ndi Anambra Needs Soludo- U-AYA Media Team

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Politically, Anambra state is strategically positioned to the world economy through its various activities especially as it regards economic activities.

The state is blessed with diverse human and natural resources, while some of these values have been harnessed through the instrumentality of the Obiano’s led administration and commitment to infrastructural development of the state , some are yet to be explored

In his attempt towards harnessing Anambra’s greatness through visionary leadership, the Obiano’s administration set up what he termed vision 2070 which is a Fifty (50) year economic development strategy / plan with an intension of positioning the state on the path of progress even after leaving office by march ,2022

As an astute administrator, professional bank and wealth creator ,the governor in his wisdom appointed prof.Charles Chukwuma Soludo, the head of the 50yr economic development plan for Ndi Anambra.


The decleration of Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo in the race is a threat to both internal and external aspirants in the Anambra Political space , it is a threat to them due to his proven integrity, professionalism, discipline and high sense of global interconnectivity on economic growth and development which is totally incomparable to any of i can govern Anambra aspirants .

Ndi Anambra needs Soludo because the Obiano’s led government since its inception has shown sincererity , commitment and high sense of responsiveness in delivering Anambra’s needs to Ndi Anambra and it would be a white elephant project if these gaint strides attracted by the Obiano’s administration are not consolidated .

It is obviously in this direction that the attention of an erudite Professor of economics , a global icon on economic matters, a strategic planner on wealth creation and above all a compedum of knowledge in all its ramifications is needed to harness the remaining potentials of both human and natural resources inherent in our dear state ( Anambra) .

With decline in the global economic growth , most states in Nigeria may find it difficult to pay salaries by 2023 not to talk of engaging on meaningful projects , it is therefore very much important that Anambra is entrusted in the hands of a financial expect who knows how to drive the economy out of recession and position the state on the part of progress.

In his capacity as the former economic adviser to present Obasanjo, former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), a member of the Nigerian Economic Development plan, the chairman of Anambra’s 50yrs economic development plan, and a consultant to over 50 countries of the world on economic related affairs , i think without any iota of equivocation that Ndi Anambra are blessed with such a great personality to drive the boat from where the working governor shall be stopping.

However, according to Nnoli 1986 ” politics involves all those activities directly or indirectly associated with siezure, consolidation and use of state power ” it is based on this definition that most people especially those in the contest have resorted to name calling and all manners of character assassination against the person of C. C Soludo and any person seen to be supporting his aspiration, those who engage in this aspect of politiking sees it as their only way of power siezure which is completely inapty.

Because we are in a democratic regime ,Some other scholars have also looked at democracy as that government which is open for participation and contestation and offcorse the popular view of the concept as propounded by Abraham Lyncon defines democracy as the “government of the people by the people and for the people”

The message we intend to disclose through the conceptualization of the term politics and democracy is to inform the reading public that the game is politically in nature and at thesame time participatory by all ( the citizens) who decides . But in making such critical decisions, one must think deeply and ask certain questions and if possible trace records because the best way to understand a situation is by knowing the past ,compare it with present and then you can possibly predict the future.

By way of comprehensive assessment, Prof C. C Soludo has paid his dues both as a party faithful and has equally proved his intellectual capacity to manage not only a state resources but a global economy .

Ndi Anambra, we must be informed that C. C Soludo is ever ready to meet whoever that is competing with him within the APGA at the primaries after which he shall be presented as the APGA candidate and by the grace of God victory shall be ours to the glory of God.

Tell Us what your preferred aspirant has done in the past and want he intends doing if elect , stop abusing the social media platforms through the use of propaganda.

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