Relocation Of Ogbogwu International Medicine Market: Traders Insist They Are Going To Ogbunike

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By Joshua Ozurumba

In response to the plans of Anambra State Government to decongest Onitsha metropolis, the Ogbogwu International Drug Market, like many other markets had already started making plans to relocate to another site. However, some shenanigans have continued to frustrate the agreement already reached with the Ogbunike Main Market Development Committee to move to the proposed Ogbunike Main Market site where there is a large expanse of land. The Ogbunike Main Market site can actually accommodate any interested market willing to relocate.

The Medicine Market traders recently protested against the choice of Oba site by their former market chairman who had tried to trick the traders into an expensive and unacceptable arrangement, a selfish plan which has now brought a serious stalemate among the traders.

A large majority of the traders are very willing to move to Ogbunike on account of its proximity and less cost to them. They insist there is no going back on their choice of Ogbunike.

The traders explained that their choice of Ogbunike was well considered before the agreement was reached, because of the fact that the Ogbunike site is an adjoining area to Onitsha, fast developing and has adequate size of land available. Ogbunike is only 7 (seven) minutes drive from Onitsha on a good road. The site even has the capacity to hold some more interested markets willing to relocate there.

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