PDP Anambra, jealous of APGA and Governor Willie Obiano achievements

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The PDP party in Anambra State is jealous of the mountain tall success of the present administration at Agụ-Awka, hence, their uncoordinated and unethical style of playing opposition in the State.

I have since warned that opposition politics isn’t a call to rascality, witch-hunt and torrents of character assassination, the opposition party should be bold, but tactical in their activities and not heating up the polity.

The constitution of Nigeria guaranteed that all political parties should be allowed to function without any hindrance, harassment and intimidation, but the fund rasing committee masquerading as opposition party in Anambra State have since adopted grandstanding and harassment while discharging their supposed duty.

The opposition must do its Job which is to regularly check mate the party in power, Although the PDP party in Anambra State lacks the moral justification to engage in any form of opposition, However, the present APGA administration in its magnanimity have allowed the Committee of friends and fund raising club to still function despite their litany of ills and shortcoming.

What achievement can the PDP boast with in Anambra State to warrant them hurl insults at the decorated seat of the the Executive Governor of Anambra State, if not jealousy and envy perhaps.

A party under whose reign, a sitting Governor was kidnapped, Anambra became a theatre of drama, properties of Government were destroyed, and many others razed down, salaries were owed, Zero infrastructures, unemployment, poverty, insecurity saturated the State, Criminals took charge of the Eastern economic hub, Anambra was then, likened to Born State of present day, Innocent Anambrarians all went into exile; all that continued unabated until the timely intervention of the APGA party, which have since repositioned the State and changed her misfortune to fortune that Anambra State has now become a model for other State in Nigeria.

Consequently, The State has since sailed beyond popular expectation and now rediscovering self; Anambra is adjudged a city in transition, fastest growing economy in Africa and the most densely populated State after Lagos. Infrastructures are mounting at every nooks and crannies, multinational businesses are fast relocating to Anambra State, the Anambra Airport and Conference centre and numerous other projects are tastament to the new trajectory the State is headed under the watch of Governor Willie Obiano.

It’s obvious the PDP lacks shame and ignominy for them to take turns to speak ill of Governor Willie Obiano (APGA), who has achieved what his counterparts in the PDP party could not imagine in their respective States.

Recently, the incoherent and stammering publicity Secretary of the PDP in Anambra State have taken to the Media to dish out his lies out of jealousy and desperation, he claimed that the Government of Governor Willie Obiano is yet to clear the gratuity of pensioners, Nwangwu need be reminded that the major achievements of Willie Obiano in Anambra State and reason why the party has remained aflaot includes but limited to priority of the Government to the welfare of civil and public servants.

Despite the twin recession Nigeria has witnessed in the last Six (6) years, No worker in Anambra State has had their salary slashed, nor retirees pension and gratuity delayed, instead, Governor Willie Obiano cleared the backlog of gratuities owed by his predecessors since 1998; workers welfare is one area the present Administration has invested utmsot attention to, it will be folly for anyone to claim otherwise.

The PDP party have continued their brigandage in the State with the destruction of Government and public properties, Security sabotage, propaganda and all manner of ills in their infantile desperado attempts to discredit APGA as a result of their red flag jealousy for Governor Willie Obiano achievements in Anambra State.

Their attempts of the PDP to lie their way to Agụ-Awka will be harassed with the truth and more projects when Governor Willie Obiano finally makes public account of his stewardship at the end of his tenure and handover power to the next APGA Governor in March 2022.

PDP has nothing left in them to offer Anambra State, they are jittery that Governor Willie Obiano has since raised the Bar of Governance in the State, we have laid a template for development of Anambra State which they can’t penetrate until after 60 years.

Uloka Chukwubuikem
Senior Special Assistant (New Media)
To Governor Willie Obiano

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