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By: Fidel Ezeiruaku
(Oko, Orumba North LGA)

In the next 50 days, The All Progressive Grand Alliance party, (APGA) shall conduct her primary to decide who would emerge the party’s flag bearer for the November 6, polls, consequently, there have been a lot of intrigues and tension on who should emerge the party candidate and the process of emergence.

It is important to note that the coming Gubernatorial election in Anambra State will be a very crucial event for the APGA party, who would be concluding her sixteen (16) years of Governance in the State by March 2022 when HE, Governor Willie Obiano bows out; APGA retaining the seat will open another chapter in the political history of the State and the Nation at large as the only party to have crossed the 16 years benchmark since the inception of the fourth Republic.

It’s an established fact that the people of Anambra state had accepted the APGA Party as a preferred political party after the oust of the PDP in 2006 as a result of their maladministration and bad Governance; ndị Anambra have continued to have faith in APGA as a result of the Good Governance and development dwelling in the State over the last 15 years and recently the news of Anambra State having an Airport of their own which will further improve the economic status of the State and South East; all thanks to the APGA administration; we must not do anything to undermine the love and acceptance of APGA by the people of Anambra State out of overblown confidence and abuse of privilege.

Winning the November 6, polls should be the only objective of the party and not servicing the interest of any individual, hence the need to have a candidate who is familiar with the terrain and can return victory to the party regardless of the hurdles one may encounter.

APGA needs a candidate with consummate experience and capacity to deliver victory, one with quality track records and without any atom of blemish or blurred history.

The coming electioneering would hinge on antecedent, experience, influence, character, vision and not litany of promises like we have witnessed in the past.

Over the years, Hon. Chukwuma Michael Umeoji KSJI, has lucidly proved why his candidacy will be best for the APGA party to retain the seat of power and succeed Governor Willie Obiano vis a vis consolidate on his achievements and continue where he would leave the baton, – His experience beats that of any aspirant in the present structure of the APGA party, he is a party man who needs No further education about party politics and Governance, rather, he will hit the ground running.

Umeoji’s pro-democracy credential is also not questionable on the surface, he has been part and parcel of successive administrations in the State and playing vital roles ranging from member of critical and important committees and being to various elected positions both at the State and National rank, he understands the challenges more than those jostling behind him.

He is a man that can not be enveloped by any Political godfather nor be overwhelmed with the day to day running of the Government.

Umeoji’s candidacy of APGA will unite the party to form a common front. Above every quality, the ability to ensure that the party is united going into the Guber election should be paramount, this and more, are the reasons – why the candidacy of OBA Aguata will be best for the party for the November 6, 2021 election.

Again, Anambra needs a governor that can appropriate their hopes, fears and aspirations and not a willing tool nor weak candidate who would become vulnerable in the face of possible adversity – A governor that will always be available not one who returns to public space every election year just to play the spoiler game and flex his miscalculated statistics.


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