Lying against Soludo is a proof that Deji Adeyanju knows nothing about him

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Those that hired Deji Adeyanju for the execution of a blackmail job against Soludo should bury their heads in shame because he made a mess of the blackmail job he was contracted to do.

All that he said against Soludo are fabricated lies.

There is no iota of truth in any of them.

Outside lying that Soludo raised 2billion naira for the building of a hospital in memory of his late mother, other things he said against Soludo are not true.

Deji Adeyanju ended up portraying himself as a beer parlour gossiper that cannot be taken serious by any reasonable minds.

As a matter of fact, Soludo was never a card carrying member of APC.

His first political party is PDP.

He defected from PDP to APGA in 2012 and from that time to date, he has been an active member of APGA.

But according to Deji Adeyanju, Soludo recently joined APGA, a party he foolishly referred to as the Biafran party.

The question any right thinking person will ask is what concerns a political moron and a senseless idiot from Yoruba land with Anambra election to the extent of him dabbling into APGA affair.

I say it boldly that those that contracted him and their cohorts are on a capsized ship.

It is already late for them because Soludo will emerge APGA governorship candidate on June 23 and will definitely win the November 6th governorship election to succeed Governor Obiano in office on March 17th 2022.

It’s an unpardonable insult for Deji Adeyanju that is a PDP card carrying member to refer to APGA as a Biafran party.

APGA is a national political party with presence in Deji Adeyanju village and other parts of Nigeria.

All the evil plan of those that contracted Deji Adeyanju to blackmail Soludo is well known.

As they hatched the plot of hiring Deji Adeyanju, the information was leaked and any other evil plot that they are hatching will be properly checkmated.

When some of my friends working as media managers of the APGA Judas iscariot reacted to my piece against Deji Adeyanju that is their hired blackmail agent, somebody sent the reaction to me and said that from this reaction that they have proved me right in my claim that their camp hired the Yoruba lunatic to blackmail Soludo.

A known evil plot is already dead.

Soludo remains the God ordained incoming Governor of Anambra State.

Daalu nu.

I remain your truth advocate, Evang Chinedu Obigwe (Akaekpuchionwa and Chinyelugo 1 of Ogbaru)National co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.

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