INEC monetary induced bias in APGA case and Festus Okoye attempt to defend the indefensible must be condemned

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Lovers of the rule of law must condemn INEC monetary induced bias on APGA issue and the attempt by Festus Okoye their Commissioner for information and voters Education to defend the indefensible.

It is glaring that corrupts elements in INEC are labouring to digest the 200million naira bribe that was allegedly given to them by the promiscuous Jezebel to do a dirty job against APGA hence the reason why Festus Okoye, INEC Commissioner for information and voters Education is speaking from the two sides of his mouth in a bid to defend the indefensible.

Recall that Festus Okoye said on a national TV that as far as INEC is concerned that Victor Oye is the authentic national Chairman of APGA.

He further said that on the commission website that Victor Oye name is the name they have as APGA national Chairman and that was the reason why they are communicating with him in respect of the November 6th governorship election.

But when the 500million naira bribe offered to Victor Oye was rejected, the promiscuous Jezebel decided to use 200million naira from the rejected money to infiltrate INEC and Festus Okoye started singing another music.

Infact, intelligence report is pointing accusing finger on him as the person that is the mastermind of the bizarre judgement secured from Birnin Kudu in Jigawa State.

As soon as they secured the Judgement in a criminal circumstances, Festus Okoye started defending the indefensible.

I said that the judgement was secured in a criminal circumstances because the beneficiaries of the bizarre Jigawa Judgement arranged the lawyers that stood for them, authentic APGA led by Victor Oye and INEC.

Since the unveiling of the formerly concealed Jigawa High Court judgement, people have been arguing that you cannot shave a man head at his back meaning that you cannot adjudicate in a case at the back of the defendant and the defendant in this instant case is Victor Oye.

He was not aware of the Jigawa case and the bizarre judgement secured from the Jigawa High Court was a surprise to him.

With this explanation that judgement is null and void.

It cannot withstand the test of judicial scrutiny.

Another thing is the issue of jurisdiction, Jigawa High Court lacks the locus standi to adjudicate on a matter that affects Anambra bearing in mind that Anambra has a High Court.

Chukwuma Umeoji that is APGA Judas iscariot is making a mockery of himself in this saga.

This is a man that picked his nomination form for the election from Victor Oye, submitted himself for screening to Victor Oye leadership of APGA and he was disqualified.

He appealed his disqualification and lost.

So his claim that Victor Oye is no longer APGA Chairman is laughable.

Before the delivery of the Jigawa state High Court bizarre judgement, a Federal High Court sitting in Awka ordered INEC to publish Soludo name as APGA candidate for the November 6th governorship election based on the fact that he was validly elected but the order was not obeyed by INEC.

There is another Court order that authencated Victor Oye leadership of APGA and all these orders were delivered before the bizarre Jigawa judgement hence the reason why people are seeing INEC refusal to obey the Court orders that favoured Victor Oye leadership of APGA as an act of compromise.

I will not fail to say that the commission contravened the provisions of section 31(3)of the electoral act because they were supposed to have published Soludo name as APGA candidate within 7days of the receipt of his personal particulars that was made available to them on 2nd July.

If they did the right thing Soludo name was supposed to have been published on 9th July but because corrupt officials in the commission are privy, Part and parcel of the evil plot against APGA, the right thing was not done.

They waited for the Jigawa judgement that was secured against Victor Oye leadership of APGA to be served to them on 14th July before publishing the names because 16th is their own deadline for the publication of names of political party candidates.

Every of their evil plot will fall like a pack of card.

Good a thing that a High Court sitting in Anambra has done justice to the matter.

Below are the orders of the High Court.

1)Soludo was reinstated as APGA candidate for the November 6th governorship election and INEC was ordered to publish his name immediately and deal exclusively with him as APGA candidate.

2)INEC was ordered to remove the name of Umeoji as APGA candidate

3)Umeoji was ordered to stop parading himself as APGA candidate

4)Victor Oye was reaffirmed as the indisputable national Chairman of APGA.

5)Edozie Njoku and Jude Okeke were ordered to stop parading themselves as national Chairmen of APGA.

The good thing about this latest judgement is that the Court has jurisdiction but in the case of the bizarre judgement secured from Birnin Kudu Jigawa State, the Court lacks jurisdiction.

INEC in a recent publication said that they will continue to obey Court orders and the expectation is that they will obey this latest Awka High Court order failure to do so is an evidential proof that corrupt officials among them collected 200million naira bribe from the promiscuous Jezebel that is sponsoring APGA Judas iscariot in the person of Chukwuma Umeoji rebellion against the party.

Daalu nu.

I remain your truth advocate, Evang Chinedu Obigwe (Akaekpuchionwa and Chinyelugo 1 of Ogbaru)National co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.

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