Propaganda can make you insult and/or fight those you should embrace – Hon Ichita

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Exactly two years ago, Ndigbo Germany organized a cultural festival in Nürnberg, Germany. Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremadu ( Ikeoha Ndigbo) was the Key note speaker.Sadly, due to wrong information, the Senator was assaulted by his kith and kin who believed that the Deputy Senate President was in support of the military operation code named “Egwu Eke” ( Python dance), which was active in the South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. What many did not know was that Sen. Ekweremadu was in fact, the person that did a letter to the President condemning the Python dance and made a case for dialogue. See link below…/python-dance…/amp/)This is in addition to different high level advocacy and intervention at the grand strategic level, that is known to just a handful of people at that time. Sadly, some propaganda merchants and dirty politics players didn’t see his efforts. In fact, they worked so hard to cover the truth and concentrated on painting an innocent man with a black brush. The result was what we all witnessed in Nuremberg in the summer of 2019, where the highest political office holder from Ala Igbo was assaulted by fellow Ndi Igbo in Germany.That is the power of propaganda ! It can close your eyes to the truth and make you insult and/or fight those you should embrace.

The same pattern is playing out in Abia State where I have consistently argued that the Abia State government did receive the 56 Million US dollars from the World Bank without executing the projects for which the money was meant for. And we still demand for explanations. At first, the Abia State government attempted to deny the receipt of the money. State officials were drafted to defend what they knew next to nothing about. Given that the state Governor is yet to constitute his executive council ( 8 months after dissolution ) and coupled with the fact that many are angling to be counted among those “with capacity “ (whatever that means), men and women exhibit their readiness to suppress the truth. Some even attempted to deceive the public on local radio programs. They forgot that propaganda does not distort investigation. Neither is state-sponsored propaganda potent enough to erase our memory of the gory sights of bad roads in Aba South constituency. We in Aba South, draw our consolation from the fact that no lie lasts forever ever. Those who bought hotels in Port harcourt and those who made payments for luxury hotels in Lagos are aware that the money with which they made such payment is not their legitimate money. Emergency owners of houses abroad and those who hid theirs in “secret chamber” inland, know what we are talking about. Could those be part of our money ? Investigations will reveal … . Abia State government and her officials need to understand that no matter how fast a lie travels, the truth with certainly catch up and overtake it.Our people are wiser now. We haven’t yet questioned what happened to the 8.2 Billion naira first tranche of Paris Club refund, the 9 Billion naira oil well refund , the 22 Billion Paris Club refund and the various intervention in the agricultural sector. We just asked for the whereabouts of the 56 Million world bank loan that was specifically meant for our roads; and why the roads are abandoned. Abia state government and it’s official have lots of questions to answer. Propaganda can not divert our attention . A government that is not responsive to the yearning and sufferings of its people and does not show any regard for the resolution of the legislature can not be said to be on the right path to deepen democracy. It’s over 6 weeks that the state House of Assembly passed a resolution asking the state government to remove the heaps of refuse on our streets, yet they refused! The fact that the government needs to be reminded to do its duty of refuse disposal is, nauseating. This does not in anyway absolve those who dump refuse in the street of any blame.

I must end this piece by appreciating Ikeoha for his emotional intelligence and for forgiving his brothers who embarrassed him in Bayern, exactly two years ago. Professor Ike Ekweremadu is Onye Igbo, a refined Public servant, a fine legislator, a PhD in Constitutional Law and a Senator. Odogwu !

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